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Pre-university Science Olympiad

By students, for students.

Curious about natural phenomena? Intrigued by the essence of reality? Interested in developing scientific lenses to see the world? If one of your answers is yes or you're simply interested in developing core skills for Physics, Biology, and Chemistry in this COVID-19 induced era, then the Pre-university Science Olympiad is just for you. This Olympiad consists of two online papers that evaluate a wide range of scientific themes: from the very nature of our cells, bio-molecules, the chemical reactions involved , all over to the elements of reality physics describes. Inscriptions  for the 2021 edition will  be open until June 14th. Want to see the stats of the first edition of the Olympiad? Click below!

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Education all over the world is often-times reduced to tests and memorizing. This may leave students not intrigued by the subjects but repelled from them. We think in a quite different way. The main goal of the Pre-university Science Olympiad is not to evaluate what you know but rather how you think. That's why even though we evaluate a broad range of topics, you don't really need to study for the Olympiad. You just need to be curious and genuinely interested.

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Open to Curious Minds all around the World!

The Pre-university Science Olympiad is an online competition open to students all around the world. We had participants from 30+ countries in the last edition! As long as you are a high school student or equivalent, or taking a gap year, you can participate! Our common ground: the language and tools of Science.


Meet the team

The Pre-university Science Olympiad is an event organized by Colegio Lamatpec's Science Club (Club de Ciencias), a student led- initiative in El Salvador, Central America. Want to know more about the students behind it? Click Below

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