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It's great that you found our project! I am Javier, and for as long as I can remember, I have felt a great fascination for the natural phenomena that make up the world. Throughout my student life, I have participated in programs to promote science and mathematics among young people in my country, and it fills me with joy to be able to contribute my bit in sharing this discipline, which has undoubtedly defined the person I am today. With the help of my friends we have developed the new edition of this project, I hope you enjoy it!




Biology tells you, you are 70% water, Chemistry tells you, you are 60% oxygen, Physics tells you, you are 99.99999999% empty space, and I tell you, that if you’ve read this much, you might as well participate in the Olympiad, because you are just like us and you’ll love it. Now that is 100% true.

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Gabriel Zuñiga

General Secretary

Science is the most helpful tool we have. I’ve always been aware that science can help us understand a great deal about the universe. However, the greatest contribution science has to offer is its ability to have a positive impact on our growth as human beings and society. I’m devoted to people, and I’ve found science to be especially fond of people. It gathers people from all backgrounds to work on something that will help us develop and prosper. It unites all of us in search of a better society and humanity.

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Social Media Coordination

My name is Santiago, but I usually go by mi last name, Guidos. I have loved math since I was in elementary school and science passions me since I was in middle school. What I truly love of science is the way how three of its principal branches -physics, chemistry, and biology- combine to create us, the humans. I think that it’s important to share our knowledge with people from different places.

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Coordination of Content Creation

Adriana Bonilla

My name is Adriana, and since a very young age science and mathematics have been by my side. It has allowed me to grow my intellect and meet people with the same interests. It's a lense we can use to understand the world and improve the way we live. I hope you find this olympiad as an enrichment experience as it has been for me. Best of luck!


Design Coordinator

I have liked Science and Math since I was little, well even though I have been studying it for a long time it still blows my mind off, thinking how great Science and Math are, and how have it made us what we are today, we are a big and advanced society, but what really amuses me is how this technology and knowledge is always going to be changing and improving because this knowledge will always grow, so the possibilities in the future will be limitless, if we expand our knowledge and use it to help society we will be unstoppable, so the future will be as we would like it to be.

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Social Media Analyst


Science allows us to use a standardized methodology to explain how solutions to complex problems came about. This allows everyone to be able to reproduce an investigation and contribute to the creation of solutions. Thus, science becomes the universal language of collaborative problem-solving.

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Células madre embrionarias

2021 Edition

President, Javier Bonilla

 Vice-President, Rafael Rodas

General Secretary, Fabio Villatoro

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Social Media Coordination,
Santiago Guidos

Design Coordinator,
Denis Muñoz

Social Media Coordinator,
Santiago Punyed

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punyeed preu.jpeg
Nave espacial en orbita

2020 Edition

President, Luis Zuñiga

 Vice-President, Jaime Punyed

General Secretary, Rafel Rodas


Social Media Coordination,
Miguel Carranza

Design Coordinator,
Ivan Perez

Social Media Coordinator,
Javier Bonilla

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